Art Restoration

Works of Art seem to have a life of their own and over many years, sometimes many decades, are loved and cherished then put to one side and even discarded. Art Restoration is about helping to maintain those pictures which are loved and cherished, repairing and restoring those pictures that have been put to one side and rediscovering the beauty and value of those that have been lost and discarded.

Art Restoration requires immense skill and patience as the task of unravelling the history of a picture begins. There are no shortcuts to the decisions which have to be made and it is essential that enough time is given to establish the quality of the materials that have been used and whether they have deteriorated over time.

Samples are taken at all stages of this early enquiry which will later inform every stage of the restoration process. At no time can the delicate processes of cleaning be hurried and as the layers discoloration through age disappear every restorer becomes entranced by what is then revealed. This provides a daily excitement and sense of wonder in our restoration studios and gives good reason to spend the proper amount of time on every picture.

"Quality is not inspected into a task it is built into it"