Book Conservation

The process of restoring books printed on paper is more complicated than the restoration of a drawing or engraving. The process however, and the care needed in book conservation, is just as demanding and we have been privileged to be given the opportunity in the past to restore treasured books in private collections as well as rare books in public libraries.

In undertaking the restoration of books printed on paper we have developed advanced processes for the treatment of rare and delicate books using the latest technology. We have special facilities dedicated to the use of chemicals to fumigate and destroy fungal growth on paper without having to work on the paper surface itself. This work requires particular skills and training and we pride ourselves on our success in book conservation over the past years. We are also skilled in the treatment of fungal deposits on single pages of a book particularly where those deposits have been caused by a damp environment.  

"The books we collect and own embrace our enthusiasm and love of our language."