Frame Restoration

Our picture frame restoration workshop complements the restoration work that we do with paintings. Many of the best frames that have been made over the years succumb to the likely damage that can occur when a picture is moved or put aside and neglected. Frames which have decorative plaster moldings built up on a wooden subframe are the most expensive to make in the first instance and because of their construction are fragile if mishandled and can easily break.

Damaged Frame

We have a particular expertise in frame restoration. The best and most decorative of these are known as “swept frames” and we have established workshop skills which enable us to take molds from existing sections of the frame, take plaster casts from these and thereby replace missing sections from the original frame.

These replacement sections are then gilded or repainted to match the existing frame so that the repair is invisible. We also frequently regild or repaint entire frames and from our selection of models can recreate historical frame designs to any size. Since a well-chosen frame can enhance and even improve the appearance of a picture we can also provide antique restored frames to fit many picture sizes or from new materials make a replica frame to suit a particular decorative style.

" A well chosen and carefully finished frame will enhance any picture."