Picture Authentication

Picture authentication, as with the authentication of every work of art, is grounded in the expertise gained in unravelling the complexities of the world of fine art. A substantial period of guided research in fine art enables our experts to move confidently within the wide range of resources that are available. It is therefore from a considered judgment that final authentication is achieved.

We have published documentation that shows how our knowledge and expertise has been built up over many years in particular elements of fine art. This proven and published track record means that we can confidently support our opinions from the evidence we collect and from the deductions we make from that evidence. At no time will we project an opinion about the authenticity of any work of art unless we have the supporting evidence to prove it.

At no time can we or will we authenticate a painting from a photograph or reproduction. We will only examine a picture in situ or upon delivery to our studios.   


"There is no place for guess work in the picture authentication."